Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Push First Official Trailer

Push is an upcoming science-fiction movie directed by Paul McGuigan. The movie surf on the wave of TV shows like the 4400 and Heroes with some similarities with the movie Jumper.

The sci-fi movie Push is starring Dakota Fanning, Chris Evans, Camilla Belle and Djimon Hounsou. It should be released in early February 2009.

Have a look to the first official trailer of Push:

Push Trailer

"The action packed sci-fi thriller involves a group of young American ex-pats with telekinetic and clairvoyant abilities, hiding from a clandestine U.S. government agency. They must utilize their different talents and band together for a final job enabling them to escape the agency forever." (Source: IMDb)

Here below the different types of abilities found in the movie Push

- Movers: Can simply move objects.

- Pushers: Can push thoughts into the minds of other people making them believe they're real.

- Watchers: Can see into the future.

- Bleeders: Emit a high pitch noise that can disable or even kill people.

- Sniffers: Can see a history of anything they smell.

- Shifters: Can change the shape of objects around them for a short time.

- Wipers: Can wipe the memory of those around them.

- Shadows: Can cloak themselves in a shadow, almost as if they're invisible.

- Stitchers: Can heal others.

Some people may look down on Push asserting that the movie is but a new take on the an now-old theme. But I still think that Push looks like a promising science-fiction movie.